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CHARLESTON, S.C. — The Gotcha Group wants to change the way college students get around campus, and eventually the way we travel throughout cities. Green Operated Transit Carrying Humanity Around partners with universities to offer free rides to students 24/7, on or off campus, in its electric vehicles.

Each Gotcha Ride is funded by advertisers and the cars are wrapped in advertisements, interior TV screens play ads and free products are often available for riders. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Whole Foods Market or Dunkin’ Donuts provides a much-needed service that keeps students safe and lets them have fun, while giving its brand a channel through which to interact with college students.

The Gotcha Group, based in Charleston, does not share revenue with the 10 participating universities, whose only cost is providing storage for the cars. Each school averages up to 3,000 riders per month, and Gotcha has a manager and about 80 student drivers at each location. Each university has a phone number to hail a Gotcha Ride until the company’s Uber-like app is launched this year. Students will then be able to request the free rides from their smartphones.

The Gotcha Group plans to launch Gotcha Bike, a bike share program, at 10 college campuses around the country this summer. The company designed the bike and partnered with Lock8 to create a lock that can be opened using an app. Users can download the app, walk up to an advertiser-branded bike corral and unlock the bike for free. Users will return the bike to the same corral.

Source: Charleston Regional Business Journal

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